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German Pharma

Turkesterone Triple Stack

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Product Description

Our Top Selling Turkesterone by German Pharma is now available as a triple stack

Turkesterone may help to;

Increase Strength
Decrease Fat
Build Lean Muscle
Turkesterone is a class of compounds called Ecdysterones, these are compounds that can help increase performance. Turkesterone has been used since the 60s but only recently has it has gained more and more notoriety for its ability to increase physical performance.

It is important to note that Turkesterone does not inhibit any side effects, quite the opposite in fact. It has been show to help the Immune system, which living in the world we do now, is a very important thing, not only that but living an active gym-going lifestyle can put a lot of stress on the body, having a supplement that can not only aid physical performance but aid the Immune system and keep you healthy is quite something!

Nutritional Information
Serving Size: 1 veg capsule

Servings Per Container: 60 veg capsules

Nutritional Panel

Turkesterone (Uzbek Ajuga Turkestanica) - 250mg

Other Ingredients: Organic Brown Rice Flour, Pullulan Vegetable Capsule Shell

How to take

Serving Size: 1 veg capsule

Servings Per Container: 60 veg capsules

Take 2 Capsules daily with food.

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