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Product Description

L-Glutathione is formulated through a variety of amino acids, these are the building blocks of protein that are essential for the normal functioning of the body’s immune system.

The body cannot naturally produce an abundance of these acids on their own and therefore a daily supplement of 1-2 Veg Capsule per day, provides the body with necessary nutrients / amino acids to transfer into creating antibodies, enzymes and nutrient carriers.

The benefits of L-Glutathione have been widely researched and are understood to host a whole range of benefits including improved immune function, stronger bones, joints & teeth and most importantly the liver with the support it needs to keep strong and healthy.

NTRL Health co. L-Glutathione contains 500mg of 100% pure L-Glutathione per capsule, 1 capsule per day provides 500mg one of the highest concentrations on the market.

Glutathione protects the human body from foreign toxins and helps to boost the immune system, rejuvenates cells and minimise harm from toxins in different organs in the body, German Pharma’’s formula provides an easily digestible vegan capsule to aid correct transportation across the blood / brain barrier.

German Pharma’s L-Glutathione is Vegan friendly, utilising vegetarian friendly ingredients such as organic brown rice flour and a pullulan vegetable capsule shell.

You can have reassurance and peace of mind that our L-Glutathione is made in the UK, utilising the best ingredients and facilities on the market for over 10 years (Since 2008).

Nutritional Panel

500mg L-Glutathione per capsule

How to take

Take 1 Capsule Daily with food

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