Caffeine + Theanine

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Caffeine + Theanine 

Need a quick 'pick me up' without the energy drink come down, Caffeine + Theanine is a clever combinations of stimulants and amino acids to provide a long lasting 'smooth' energy release 

  • 1 Capsule = 1 espresso 
  • 2 Capsules = Double espresso 

A study done on the combination of caffeine + theanine has shown to increase mental alertness and cognitive function (1)

German Pharma Caffeine + Theanine not only contains caffeine anhydrous but naturally occurring caffeine (12.5mg) from Guarana 

This unique formula is perfect for anyone looking to increase energy levels and mental alertness. 

How To Take

Take 2 Capsules 20-30 minutes before physical exercise or anytime you need a burst of energy

Supplement Facts

Natural caffeine from Guarana seeds 250mg (containing 12.5mg Caffeine)
L-Theanine 200mg
Caffeine Anhydrous 85mg

60 Capsules per bottle

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